Sommer Panage


Hi! I'm Sommer (she/her), a Brooklyn-based software developer currently working as Senior Engineering Manager for Accessibility at Slack. From 2018 to 2022, I worked at Apple, spending most of that time as iOS Accessibility Engineering Manager. Previously, I worked at Twitter and a startup called Chorus Fitness. I also spent a few years freelancing as an Accessibility Specialist. Coming from a background in psychology, arts and athletics, I am particuarly excited about developing software in those areas that is accessible to everyone.

For more professional information, find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Other Interests

When not working my day job, I train and coach as a circus artist and aerial performer. To learn more, head over to Instagram or Vimeo. I also love reading, writing poetry, and studying langauges. I currently have varying degrees of proficiency in Spanish, French, and German, and I'm attempting to learn a little Finnish.


You can reach me on Twitter as well as via email.